"Yet it is no more necessary to have real or imitation instruments in order to reap the benefits of gamelan that it is for a composer to use actual Indonesian music to demonstrate an affinity with it"

Mantle Hood

This is a video demo of my 1st max patch uni assignment, Saron Looper. It’s a gamelan simulator meets loop station. For more info about this project, you can check its github repo.

The vocal’s just getting better, can’t wait for the release!



$16 billion. $4 billion in cash. In current currency (19 Feb ‘14), it’s Rp, and the team will get Rp 47.058.823.500.000 in cash.


South Tangerang finest. Miss ya dudes!

Album Review : Virtual Gamelan - Lydia Ayers

Virtual Gamelan is a collection of sound explorations from Lydia Ayers. Spanning over 30 years of compositions and researches, the record gives various sound textures to its listener. The intricate combination of the composer’s background in technology, creative mind and broad knowledge of world music brings new kinds of music that few people can imagine. For an electronic composed music, elements in the album still sounded authentic rather than computed or artificial. The track ‘Pendopos’ combines bird chirps with synthesized gamelan, which brings an audio scenery of mountains in the morning time.

However, the natural sound throughout the album has large dissimilarity between each track. In ‘Tala Malika Jak’ and ‘Catjak’, listeners can clearly hear that the sound is artificial and heavily manipulated. This might be a deliberate demonstration of the composer to demonstrate her breadth of techniques. The 30 years long span between each track also might be taken to account for its dissimilarities of the naturalness of the sound.